Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

The kids got good use of their costumes this year with three days of Halloween fun. Friday was the parties at school. The kids got to dress up and parade for each other and for parents that came to watch.  Tristan and Laura got to dress up too.

Saturday we had the trunk-or-treat at church. It was cold, but the little trunk-or-treaters didn't notice the temperature since they were busy filling their buckets.

 On Halloween the kids went trick or treating with Emily and Tommy, our next door neighbors. They filled their bags with more candy than we could eat in a year.

Tristan wore his Lighting McQueen racecar driver suit every day the week before Halloween. If you push a button on the front of his suit, it makes a noise like a car revving up and there are little lights that flash. And isn't this the cutest little pink butterfly? Both of their costumes came from Once Upon a Child. What a find!

Cooper is a ninja and Ethan is Harry Potter.

Happy Halloween!

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